Dave McConnell Offers a Great Trip Report on Friday, January 26th at Sugar Mountain

On Snow

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What a great day at Sugar Mtn! More than once I heard someone say, "Today is the best day of the season yet!"

It was a crisp 14 degrees when I arrived, but under a bright sunny sky it didn’t seem like it was even below freezing. Friday was my first chance to get out to ski Sugar this season, primarily because I had waited until they opened some of their black runs before I went. I got to meet up and ski with ut twintip from the messageboard, so it was good to have a riding companion.

I can’t really speak for the whole mountain because I spent the entire day alternately lapping Tom Terrific and Whoopdedoo. These two runs were very nice.

Whoopdedoo was very firm, only what I would call icy in a couple of small places; but if you didn’t set your edge hard into the slope you were probably going for a long slide for life. Tom Terrific’s surface was more variable with a couple of very strategically placed firm spots mixed in with a choppy packed powder surface. Lot’s of fun to ski but you better be on your toes or the sudden change in surface could get you. Lot’s of people were sliding down Tom on random parts of their bodies rather than on their skis.

Sugar was only making snow on problem and high traffic areas of the mountain, which didn’t include Whoopdedoo, Tom or 80% of Upper Flying Mile; so it was a mostly snowmaking free day for me. 😀 I will have to say in the areas that had not seen a lot of traffic (i.e. the edges of the runs) the tracked/semi-packed powder surface may have been the best man made snow that I have ever skied. Yes, it was THAT good.

Bright blue, sunny skies; comfortable temperatures, no crowds (gotta love weekday skiing), and some good company made for a superb day.


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