Curtis Bollinger’s Trail Report for Wolf Ridge for Tues, January 22, 2008

On Snow


Let me first preface the trail report with a giant THANKS for all the up-to-date reporting done by your staff. I live in Florence, SC and travel A LOT with my job. I always have my snowboard with me and I am constantly checking my blackberry on your site to see if I should "head for the hills."

I frequent Wolf Ridge since it is the most accessible. I went to Clemson University in SC and we would go to wolf after class since it is really only two hours away. When those guys at Wolf have the entire mountain open, it is great night of boarding. Anyway…..

Went up to Wolf for the night session with a couple of buddies of mine on Tuesday. They are FINALLY open from the top. The snow was a little slushy since it was misting/raining the entire time. It got a little chunky on some of the runs, but in all the conditions were the best I have seen all season. (I have been to App twice early in the season, Wolf once when they were open from two sides, and Sugar last week). It was nice to park at the old lodge and be able to get around the entire mountain. The Howling side of the mountain wasn’t open and surprisingly neither was Viewfinder. The new run from the top (Wolf Ridge) was pretty neat though. It kind of winds it’s way around viewfinder to where the trail to the Breakaway side of the mountain is located. The terrain park was excellent. It had three different types of rails and several different size jumps. Something for everyone! We probably got in 10 runs before getting tired and heading out.

There was no one on the mountain, or so it seemed. I don’t want to make it too busy, but anyone who has not been to The Wolf during the week should really consider it. Lift tickets are cheap and there is not such thing as a lift line!

Curtis Bollinger

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