Cody Blank Offers a Nice Trip Report for Sugar Mountain on January 27th!

On Snow

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Sugar Mountain was the most crowded I had ever seen it Saturday. Went up to the mountain about 12:30 that afternoon and people were parking in the grass parking lot in front of Extreme waiting on the shuttle to take them up to the lodge.

The mountain was very nice up top, about 45 degrees when I was up there, no snowmakers going which made it better also. I finally proceeded down Northridge and then Switchback, those two slopes were very nice, not crowded and not many icy spots.

I finally made it down to the Upper Flying Mile and of course it had some icy spots but nothing to ruin your day. The Lower Flying Mile was very nice with almost no ice and manmade powder covering the whole slope.

The next lift I rode was the gray lift and it only was about a 1-2 minute wait at the time but that deteriorated throughout the day to I would say at least a 10 minute wait. This time when I arrived at the top I ventured over to Tom Terrific, it was a lot more icy from all the snowplowers going down it all day, after off Tom I went down to Big Red. Big Red was the best slope of the day in my opinion. Almost no ice, not extremely crowded and was just a fun slope overall.

Then headed down Big Birch to the lodge and about 2 that afternoon was about all I could stand of the crowds.

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