Cataloochee Trail Report for December 8, 2007 by Wayne Cash

On Snow

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My daughter and I left Atlanta around 5am to get "rock star" parking at Cataloochee. We arrived at the Cat around 8:30 to find X, TeleDave and Mr. Stinky hanging out in the parking lot talking.

We parked, got dressed, and headed to the hill. The morning was partly cloudy with a warm breeze, the temperature was a balmy 53. I was surprised to see the snow was in such great condition. Cataloochee sure can lay down some quality snow. The crowds were no existent. My daughter and I were able to make at least 15-20 runs before the fog rolled in bringing rain and drizzle.

We left to Cataloochee around 1:30pm to head home. The temperature at that time was 57 and it was starting to rain steadily. As we drove down the mountain road it was raining harder. The temperature in the town of Maggie Valley was a warm 63 degrees.

Come on back old man winter…

Good times were had at the Cat today.

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Cataloochee looked pretty nice on Saturday as Wayne Cash shows you with this nice image.
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