Cataloochee 1/14/10

Trip Reports

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So I headed up to the Cat today for what looked to be an awesome day conditions wise and I was right as you can expect. These pictures will be like a broken record as the snow was plentiful and there was not a bare spot in site (which is to be expected with them reporting a base of a bajillion inches).The ride up was good from Chattanooga except that I have to take 75N instead of the usual US-64 due to the rock slide there . Takes about 45minutes longer to get there now… But it was well worth the trip. Theres was a huge wreck with a truck flipping with a trailer on 75N. Crap was all over the road but luckily I must have lucky to pass it early on as traffic was only bad for like 15 minutes. Also there was a wreck in US-441 through the smokies from some dude I guess loosing control on the roads from the ice (Though I didnt really see much of a problem myself… maybe he was from Florida. I have a fuzzy picture of it as well!

On the way back there were what looked like Elk in the side of the road in Cherokee… I didnt know they lived out here but it looked like they may have had tracking collars on or something… they were very tame as people parked and took pictures of them. I came pretty close passing them with my car as well. I have fuzzy pictures of those as well!

Photos and Video provided by SkiSoutheast/SkiNC MB Memeber enjoiskating6.

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