The (bluebird) calm before the storm!

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There is a feeling that just doesn’t go away . . . when you wake up in the morning, turn on the TV, and see that little icon in the corner . . . “Winter Weather Advisory”. The anticipation grows as you try and dig a little deeper into how the weather will affect you, and your local ski resort.

Luckily, with this upcoming storm, the entire region will see SOME snowfall. In NC, according to the NWS, an “arctic front will bring snow to the southern appalachians”. The largest snowfall MAY happen at Cataloochee where, “above 3500 feet, total snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches expected.” Beech may pick up 3-5″, Wolf 2-3″, App 1-3″, and Sapphire 1-2″ rounding out the list.

Another big winner will be just on the other side of CAT, where Ober COULD see 3-7″.

Other notables: WV is expected to see any where between 1-4″, Wisp 2-4″, and VA will get a healthy dose of 1-2″.

As for today, this is the (bluebird) calm before the storm.

Single Digits at Wisp this morning . . . Should warm up to 35° today

  • Wisp: Trace snow last night
  • 28 runs open today (25 of them are groomed) . . . Open until 5pm on Mondays.
  • Less than 1″ of new snow tonight . . . 2-4″ tomorrow.
  • Wisp: So cold with good air clarity . . . you can actually see the corduroy!

    WV is poised to see some cold temps and snowfall on the way

  • Snowshoe: 
    • Today . . . “Temperatures are expected to hang out in the 30’s today with bluebird skies. Conditions are going to be great for hitting the whole basin.”
    • 100% open later this week! . . . “Our snowmakers are taking full advantage of the cold, and the trail count will likely go all the way up this week.”
    • Snow in the forecast. . . Less than 1″ tonight, 1-3″ tomorrow.
  • Canaan Valley: Picked up .6″ of snow overnight
    • Ramble will be closed today for snow making.  Our trail count currently stands at 19 out of 47 trails open this morning.
    • Tuesday . . . “We are making snow on numerous trails across the mountain, with Gravity expected to open Tuesday.”
    • Snow in the forecast . . . Less than half an inch tonight, 1-3″ tomorrow.
  • Winterplace: 
    • Open on 22 (of 27) runs.
    • Mid-week . . . “Snowtubing will be closed Tuesday, January 29th through Thursday, January 31st for snowmaking and reshaping.  The snowtubing park will reopen on Friday, February 1st.”
    • Snow in the forecast . . . 2-4″ tomorrow!
  • Timberline: Picked up .6″ of snow overnight
    • Open on 8 runs and 2 lifts
    • Open and making snow on Upper & Lower Salamander
    • Making snow on (unopened) Winterset
    • Snow in the forecast . . . Less than half an inch tonight, 1-3″ tomorrow

Beech could see 3-5″ tomorrow . . . rest of NC mountains will see measurable snowfall

  • Beech: Groomed AND Packed Powder snow conditions
    • Early trail closure today . . . “Upper Southern Star closes at 5pm”
    • Winter weather advisory from 5am -7pm Tuesday . . . Less than half an inch tonight, 3-5″ tomorrow.
  • Appalachian Ski Mountain: 100% open terrain and lifts
    • Small, Med., and (now) Large Jumps . . . “AppalTop, AppalJack and AppalJam are open with a variety of features. Features include small, medium and large jumps.”
    • Snow in the forecast . . . 1-3″ tomorrow
  • Cataloochee: 100% open terrain and lifts
    • Groomed AND Packed Powder snow conditions
    • NWS ” . . . heavy snow expected above 3500 feet . . . total snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches expected.”
  • Wolf Ridge: 
    • January is Learn to Ski/Ride Month . . . “It’s looking like it’s going to be a beautiful Monday and a great day to come out and learn to ski or snowboard. Come take advantage of our Learn to Ski or Snowboard special….$40 includes ticket-Day Area Pass from 9am -4:30pm, rental equipment and beginner Group Lesson (ages 8 and up /  lesson offered at 9am or 1pm).”
    • Snow in the forecast . . . 2-3″ tomorrow
  • Ski Sapphire V. 
    • Open from 4-8pm on 2 runs with 3 lifts. 30-72″ groomed base.

Ober might see the largest snowfall of the season so far . . .

  • Ober: Snow in the forecast . . . 1-2″ tonight, 3-5″ tomorrow.”The weather today looks like a pretty perfect day.  We are watching the forecast and looks like there are several different prediction with how much snow we may or may not get!  Always remember– you can park down town and ride the tram to ski or ride!

    The guns are off for now, but we will continue to make snow as temperatures allow.”

Most of VA will see 1-2″ of snow tomorrow!

  • Massanutten: 100% open terrain
    • Today . . . “Another fantastic day featuring abundant sunshine and highs in the upper 30s. Freestyle features on CMB and Pacesetter.”
    • Deal of the day . . . “Tonight is Monday Night Madness, $20 Slope-Use tickets, $20 equipment rental and a free beginner lesson starting at 3:45pm.”
    • In addition, Upper Mak Attack is partially groomed, with moguls on half the run.
    • Snow in the forecast . . . 1-2″ tomorrow
  • Wintergreen: Snow in the forecast . . . 1-2″ tomorrow
    • “A fresh coat of snow, thanks to our snowmakers and groomers
    • Sunny skies with some afternoon clouds
    • Perfect temps with highs in the mid-30’s
    • 24 (of 25) slopes and trails open
    • And some of Mother Nature’s snow on the horizon”
  • Omni Homestead: Snow in the forecast . . . 1-3″ tomorrow
    • 28″ groomed/packed powder base
    • 8 runs and 2 lifts open
    • NEW HOURS:
      • 9am-4:30pm Mon, Fri., Sat., and Sun.
      • 10am-4pm Tuesday and Thursday
      • Closed (for Maintenance) Wednesday
  • Bryce: Snow in the forecast . . . 1-2″ tomorrow
    • 100% open terrain
    • Open until 5pm today

That’s all for today.

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