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The more I do the First Trax report, the more I begin to look for subtle hints in conditions, weather, etc. Specifically, weather . . . that ever elusive state of flux. Let me just share with you one quote from High Country Weather, “Readers with a long memory may recall me saying a few days ago that expecting a precip changeover from rain to snow can be a suckers bet, and the trend right now is in that direction. All that being said, we can’t (or won’t) throw in the towel before the event has even started.” You can just read the anticipation this morning as us snowsport enthusiasts, want to almost ‘will’ the snowfall to occur.

The nice thing is that some snow has already been reported in the region, as Snowshoe saw 1.5″ overnight (with ‘light’ snow still falling). It IS dumping pretty hard right now (as expected) on the NC/TN line. Finally, the VA projections get downgraded a little as a half an inch is all that is expected.

But . . . Cold temps are going to envelop the region on the backside of this ‘snowy’ front . . . which is a (small) win for everyone!

WV will see temps plummet soon 

  • Snowshoe: 1.5″ of new snow (and still snowing).
    • 55 runs . . . 56 . . . now 57! “Our snowmakers are taking full advantage of the cold, and the trail count will likely go all the way up this week.”
1.5″ with light snow falling at Snowshoe
  • Winterplace: Happening right now . . . “Some snow this morning with falling temperatures throughout the day.”
    • Taking advantage of the cold blast . . . “Overeasy, Last Chance and Last Run will be closed (today) for snowmaking.”
    • Getting set for the weekend . . . “Snowtubing will be closed Tuesday, January 29th through Thursday, January 31st for snowmaking and reshaping.  The snowtubing park will reopen on Friday, February 1st.”
  • Canaan Valley: “It looks like a snow day in the valley today, with light accumulations and falling temperatures.
      • Trail plans . . . “We will continue to beef up our base in Upper and Lower RAmble today, as well as Ramble Cutback. Gravity has been pushed out and will be grooomed this morning, with the expectation of opening for the afternoon!
      • For all the free-heelers (myself included) . . .

  • Timberline: picked up .2″ overnight
    • According to High Country Weather (today), “New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.”
    • Let’s take a look . . .
      T-Line: experiencing some ‘light snowfall’ today


NC is already getting ‘some of the goods’ 

  • Cataloochee: “We received a trace of new snow and are expecting a couple of inches more throughout the day today.”
    • Yep . . . it’s still winter, “Temperatures will be dropping significantly throughout the day today so be prepared for winter conditions.”
    • Snowy Precip on the lens, with more to come today


  • Beech: From 12 (yesterday), to 13 runs open today.
    • From NWS, “Total snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches expected. Winds gusting as high as 35 mph. Above 3500 feet, wind chills as low as 20 below zero expected.”
    • Beech: Currently snowing atop 5506′


  • Wolf: snow just beginning . . . currently dumping
    • Added 2 more runs to the count yesterday (and today) . . . intermediates Powder Hill and Whistling Dixie.
    • Deal of the Day . . . “We’re offering our Snow Day special for Students and Teachers out of school…$15 Day session lift tickets (9am-4:30pm), $7 ski and $15 snowboard rental and $10 beginner group lessons (ages 8 and up).”
  • Big Flakes Flying at Wolf
  • Appalachian Ski Mountain: no new snow reported (yet)
    • Get it before it goes away . . . “Hard Core, Thin Slice, AppalTop, Candied Appal, and Appaljack will close Tuesday afternoon January 29 for concentrated snowmaking until Friday morning, Feb 1. There will be no snowmaking on open slopes during skiing & riding hours.”

Ober is on the edge of the front this morning

  • Ober: Good morning!  Looks like the “snow event” has been delayed in getting here!  The temp is currently 36°f and will continue to drop throughout the day.  Chance of snow is 1-3″ and based on the forecast, by the time we open at NOON, our guests and our Special Olympic Athletes will be Skiing, Snowboarding or Tubing on a nice light blanket of fresh snow (1-3″).
It’s coming down at Ober!

Wisp to see around an inch

  • Wisp: “good news – Odin’s den is now open for prime shredding.”
    • Saw Trace snowfall overnight
    • Open until 9pm, with temps dropping throughout the day.
    • Snowfall at Wisp this morning

      VA forecasts downgrade snow totals

  • Wintergreen: “Some snow from Mother Nature is coming this afternoon and tonight the temps are going to drop, big time.”
    • lining up to be a good weekend . . . “should have 100% of our terrain open for the weekend.”
    • Deal of the Day (or night, rather) . . . Student Daze
    • Today, “New snow accumulation of less than half an inch possible.”
  • Massanutten: “Cloudy with light rain/snow mix as the cold front approaches, highs in the mid 30s.”
    • We’ll be open 9:00 – 5:00pm for skiing and riding and 12:00 – 8:00pm for snow tubing.
    • Tubing Tuesdays – $15 for all snow tubers today.
    • Today, “Little or no snow accumulation expected.”
  • Bryce: 
    • 100% open terrain from 9am-5pm
    • Today, “New snow accumulation of less than half an inch possible.”
  • Homestead: 
    • Open for “skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and mini snowmobiles, from 10am-4pm.”
    • Today, “New snow accumulation of less than half an inch possible.”

That’s all for today.

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