Bill McEntire Posts Trail Report for Winterplace Resort from December 17th

On Snow

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Me and a buddy went up to Winter Place this past Sunday (17th). Wearing my SkiNC hoodie and camera, one of the staff walked over and offered a informal tour. We made 4-5 runs together, while he pointed out how the mountain is run, and how they are dealing with the warm spell. The grooming crew up there has made more than enough "Snow Mounds" to get through any warm spells. When they need to restock, they will simply push one mound over and spread it out. Staff informed us each trail has a 36 inch minimum to be officially open. We skied on the two long runs with 3 lifts running, no bare spots on the open runs!

There is a HUGE new beginners teaching area made from fill out of the lake expansion. Two new LONG magic carpets. The lake expansion is completed for increased snow making capacity.

He also pointed out the longer ski day, 8am-10pm with out breaks, is well received. Example: a NC resident can day trip up and not have to arrive at an early hour. Some choose to arrive at around 12 noon, then stay until closing, getting in 8-10 hours.

My visit was very enjoyable and I am returning this season in January, plans are set!

My drive from downtown Columbia to the Winter Place parking lot is 4 hours.

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