Beech Mountain Trip Report by MB Member BlindMellowJelly.

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Had a great time at Beech yesterday, the weather was great and hardly anybody on the mountain. I finally got to ski the Oz Run, it is awesome for resting the legs. Let my son stay out of school because he hasn’t missed any t this point in the year and we had a great time. I met MellowYellow in the parking lot, I wish we could have made some runs together, saw him carving some deeeeeeeeep turns a few times from the lift. Anyway, hats off to Beech, $25 lifties and best weather day of the year so far for me. Here are some pics of the mountain, my son riding and one of me having a cold beverage while lounging in the sun. I really need to fix the date on this camera the thing is going haywire or it is a time machine.

Photos provided by MB Member BlindMellowJelly.

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