Bart Kind Shares This Ski Beech Trip Report from March 5th, 2007

On Snow

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I wanted to share this report with you guys because I read and agreed with the story that ya’ll wrote a few weeks back about Ski Beech and how the conditions have been too often over the last few years. I think the story was a bit too long but you actually left out one important part. When the weather is really cooperative Beech Mtn is as nice as anywhere to ride. It’s when the weather is not quite up to snuff that Beech falls a bit short.  I was up at Beech Mtn on Monday night.  I was surprised to see a decent crowd and there was plenty of snow on the mountain. As you have been reporting Beech has been making snow. There was plenty of snow all over. No shortage of base. No thin spots or bare places whatsoever.

However, there were death cookies everywhere and some were literally a foot big. I skied at Sugar last night and Appalachian over the weekend and there was no such ice blocks. Personally I think it should be said that anyone with a brain would just ski around them, but it is a fact that ice cookies have returned to Beech. Unlike some of the others who post here I don’t anyone who works for them but they just don’t seem to have the resources that some of the other resorts have. At Sugar yesterday I saw two or three snowcats or whatever you call them. Beech doesn’t seem to have enough machines to properly cover there wide slopes.

Having said that, the conditions other than the ice cookies was really nice. Hard packed snow was the best way to describe it and plenty plenty of snow everywhere. It looked like mid season so if any one out there is thinking the snow is going away, you’re wrong. Hit the slopes before they close cause nobody’s there! Hopefully with some good biz Beech can invest in added machines.

I’ll be at Beech again next Tuesday if anyone wants to make some turns. I ride a white Burton Custom X board and wear a white Pro Tec helmet. If you see me, just shout and we’ll hang some!

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