Austin Beeghly’s Trip Report for Cataloochee on January 14th

On Snow

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I ended up getting there around 2pm. The place was packed!!!! Went up to see Tammy and say “hi”, and even with her being crazy busy she still had a huge smile on her face and time to say hi. The line was about 15 minutes on the Quad. That is all I rode on today was the Quad.

There were some bare spots showing, but some grooming should take care of it. The lines were a little less around dinner time and were down to like 5 mins or less. The slopes were crazy earlier in the PM and you could not go down the slope without practically running into someone, but that eased up as well around dinner time. Otherwise the conditions were awesome. Despite a few bare spots, the coverage was phenomenal. I took some pics, so I hope you like them. I will be up there tomorrow as well around 10. I am going to bed now, I am beat.

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The crowds were out in force on Sunday at Cataloochee as you can see by this photo from Austin Beeghly
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