August 27 Report

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Good Monday morning peeps.

I will admit to taking the weekend off and not updating the August fog reports because:

a. My own brain was in a bit of a fog 😉
b. I left my laptop at home (purely accidental and rare).
c. We had a fair number of friends, family and guests out on the boat this weekend.

So there was Saturday, Sunday and now this morning to report on. In short we had 2 foggy mornings and 1 crystal clear one.

Before I dive into the details…I did want to take a moment and promote the fact that Joe Stevens of Snow News is Good News is back with us for another great season and he has already shared his first post and you can read that by clicking Ski Season is Right Around the Corner

Thanks for that input Joseph.

…and now back to our ‘regularly schedule program’…the fog.

The lead-in photo of the day was captured from this morning of the Hibriten camera. That shot is not the clearest image, but worthy of the post.

Grandfather Mountain View Camera. While things are crystal clear now – check out the shot from around 7am:

A sea of fog blanketed all of Hwy 105 from Banner Elk down to Valle Crucis. Not a perfectly clear photo, but click to Enlarge!

Seems like a daily sunrise shot is in order from the Gatlinburg Aerial Tram:

So as of this morning, we’ll call it 16 for 24 foggy mornings.

Not a great photo but…another look at Sunday morning’s fog from the Grandfather Camera:

Foggy Sunday AM.

Seriously LOVING this capture from the east facing Hibriten Mountain camera of all of the fog in the valley.

Click to Enlarge. As mentioned earlier, this shot was snapped LIVE from the camera and several news stations in Charlotte featured it today. Pretty cool.

For more LIVE views of YOUR favorite mountain, visit 

Here is the morning by morning report:

Totals: 18 for 27 (and only sharing the latest dailies)
Aug 27: Very foggy this morning. Dense fog.
Aug 26: Pretty foggy. Patchy, but widespread.
Aug 25: Another clear morning in the mountains!
Aug 24: Another clear morning in the mountains!
Aug 23: Really clear morning.
Aug 22: Rainy and wet around the region. Foggy at Snowshoe, but we can’t count that towards our totals for August.

If you want to see more “foggy shares” just click on any of the news stories of late…as some include some nice shots of nature, black bears and more.

Also we invite you to check out all of our LIVE, Streaming Webcams at 

Email me YOUR foggy reports to [email protected]

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