August 28 Report

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Good morning everyone.

I know I say this a lot but ‘perception’ is a funny thing. I haven’t receive much in the way of emails or feedback from you guys lately, so I kind of had the feeling that I might have been posting to a ghost town thus far this month. I’ve been sharing all of these gorgeous mountain sunrises of late and nobody has said anything, so I hopped over to our Google Analytics package for SkiSoutheast, and and much to my surprise traffic is UP 23% on comparing this August 1st through August 27th – compared to the same period in 2017. So that’s great. So I’m guessing I must be doing something correct.

It’s always a bit of a surprise for me personally to see 6,000 people or so a DAY visiting a ski/snow related website in August when the temps are still soaring to near 90°. I was at the lake on Sunday and late in the day it hit 89°. Regardlesss, it has been cool at night with lows dipping into the upper 40s here in the mountains to the mid 50s even the last few nights. Those cooler temperatures provide the catalyst for leaf color changes and this morning I don’t think I was “seeing things” as the mountain range across from my home had a faint hint of a turn from solid green to yellow/orange. Peak leaf season is still 5-6 weeks away, but it all starts with the Sugar Maples turning and I saw some of those showing some color this past weekend.

That is hard to believe.

So “hi” to our new “23%” increase in fans of the website. Ha. We appreciate you guys who provide Joe Stevens, Kenny Griffin, David McCue, Brad Panovich and myself a place and an internet base of fellow lovers of all things snow – to share our love for these mountains with.

…and NOW to the Foggy Morning Update…

I wish I had better imagery to share with you guys this morning. I was up early and I can tell you if I were to venture out at about 5:30-6am and hike up Hibriten Mountain, I can guarantee you that the photo would have been calendar-worthy. Here is a bad, screen capture from the webcam. (You can click to enlarge, but it’s not great.)

However I always love these “islands of mountains” that pop out of the sea of clouds below.

Man I wish I had been up on this mountain with a good camera this morning! This is from the webcam on Hibriten this morning.

I spoke with Matt Laws this morning who reported a “white out” of fog at Roan Mountain this morning. It was patchy/hazy around the metropolis of Sleepy Hollow this morning. I would have gone with a “NO FOG” morning had I not seen these shots as well as the sea of fog banks that blanketed the valley areas just below our offices from Valle Crucis, Hound Ears and Willow Valley.

Another blurry shot of the fog bank
Snowshoe Mountain base is looking crystal clear this morning. This is CLICK WORTHY to enlarge!

I always err on the conservative side and normally I’d probably call today patchy enough that we’d go with “no fog” this morning. However, there have been some 50-50 mornings where I have settled on no fog, so I will go with light fog this morning and move on.

We’re on the final stretch run on August mornings…so let’s see how things go

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Here is the morning by morning report:

Totals: 19 for 28 (and only sharing the latest dailies)
Aug 28: Dense fog in some areas, patchy fog in others.
Aug 27: Very foggy this morning. Dense fog.
Aug 26: Pretty foggy. Patchy, but widespread.
Aug 25: Another clear morning in the mountains!
Aug 24: Another clear morning in the mountains!
Aug 23: Really clear morning.
Aug 22: Rainy and wet around the region. Foggy at Snowshoe, but we can’t count that towards our totals for August.

If you want to see more “foggy shares” just click on any of the news stories of late…as some include some nice shots of nature, black bears and more.

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