Appalachian Ski Mountain WILL OPEN AT 10AM ON SATURDAY!

On Snow

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As of 10pm, Appalachian Ski Mtn. has recveived over 12 inches of natural snow and is planning on a 10am to 5pm schedule to accomodate our local staff, and anxious riders to be able to get dugout from the snow. ASM staff will be scraping and salting our 1.6 mile entrance road throughout the night and day, and the NC DOT is also scraping US 321 at the bottom of our entrance road. We are dealing with roads that are going to need a little extra accomodation to make skiing possible.

Snowmaking is in effect on all slopes tonight. We are not expecting to be making snow on open slopes during daytime skiing hours for the forseeable future, but are expecting to be making snow on 3 closed slopes for the next 4 days. As of Wednesday Dec 23 , all slopes should be open and deep. Night skiing will be back on a regular schedule of 6pm-10pm tommorow night.

Ice Skating will operate on a 1 hour delay for the day sessions (1-3, 3:30-5:30).

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