Anthony Clemons Shares a Trip Report for Wolf Ridge on Jan 22nd, 2007

On Snow

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My girlfriend and I went to Wolf Ridge last night for the evening session.

We arrived at 6pm and temps were about 34 degrees and a very light mist of rain was coming down. Crowds were decent, a little larger than normal but still not very crowded. Snow was nice with no bare or thin spots anywhere. Conditions were mashed taters, which was good for her as it slows ya down a bit and she is still an intermediate snowboarder.

First run was from midstation and there were no issues. This is only her 3rd time out this season so she was taking it easy.

Broadway was left ungroomed for the most part, which was great, as the rolling hills of snow allowed for some fun terrain and good places to catch some air. After a couple of runs from from midstation, I convinced my girl to go to the top with me. Upon getting the top of the mountain, the weather had cooled off and it was snowing pretty hard. Conditions up top were a little icey, but too bad. The run was great, but a little too fast for her and she had a hard time getting down.

Took a short break, and went back out, sticking to midstation for her. Cooler temps had now turned the snow to frozen granular with a light powder on top – excellent! Did about 5 or 6 more runs and had a great time.

Packed up and went home about 10pm, had about a half inch of snow on the truck when we left. Overall it was a nice night – the slopes were in great shape and everyone was in good spirits.

I still love that I am over 30 years old and get the college discount every time we go, without even having to ask. Cannot beat the price of 20.00 for the two of us to go snowboarding.

I would still recommend that everyone go and give Wolf a try.

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