All Main Highways are Open! Some Secondary, Snow Covered Roads Require Caution; 4WD Will Get You There!

On Snow

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We are receiving a LOT of emails asking about road closures to all point in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. Several people have asked specifically about Hwy 321 North to Blowing Rock. IT IS NOT CLOSED as some have reported.

Michael Anderson wrote, "Coming from Charlotte Area and was wondering if US 321 heading to blowing rock is passable for skiing this weekend. Heard they have shut it down due to bad weather. Is this true and was wondering if you think we could make it up tomorrow with 4WD vehicle. Thanks."

Get in your car and head up!

We’ve checked with the DOT crews in every state and yes there are some roads that are snow covered and since some people don’t know how to drive in snow, there have been NUMEROUS incidents/accidents. We heard of at least 30 incidents in Maryland, but contrary to reports there are not any roads closed in Maryland. There are some traffic issues but if you know how to drive in the snow, take your time and you can get anywhere you want to go,

Ditto that for Watauga County as there are snow covered roads to all ski areas, but easily drivable. Over towards Cataloochee and Wolf Ridge – all roads are CLEAR with no reports of any snow cover.

The Virginia 511 DOT reports several counties with Moderate to Severe Snow covered roads but all roads are open with the exception of a few non-ski area roadways that are closed due to flooding.

The West Virginia DOT is reporting some road closures due to downed trees, but none are roadways to any of the ski resorts.

So with a little caution ALL ROADS ARE DRIVABLE.

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