A Typical March Tuesday

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It is going to be a typical March day for your Tuesday.

Monday afternoon brought rain – heavy at times – throughout the area, but it also brought some cooler temperatures as some locations are nearly 30 degrees cooler than this time yesterday.

Snowshoe was able to fire up snowmaking last night and it looks like another resort or two were able to join in on the fun.

Today is a calm and cloudy day, but our attention is on tonight.

For the full slope conditions, be sure to visit the Snow Reports page.

Rain will return to the area this evening and overnight – especially in the southern part of the region. However, the northern resorts – the West Virginia resorts and Wisp – could see that rain start as all snow and stay that way through the overnight with some okish accumulations.

Tonight’s system will bring even cooler temperatures as we could see a few resorts crank up snowmaking again along with the natural snow for a solid refresh as we head into the end of the week.

Speaking of the end of the week, I certainly have my eyes on the Friday night/Saturday system. Could it be a decent snow event?

Time will tell.

Our own Brad Panovich will be sharing his latest skier’s forecast over the next day or so, and we will be bringing updates as we get close.

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That does it for today, but until next time, #ThinkSnow!

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