1624 miles for the Snowshoe Summit!

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1624 miles – worth every second in the car…My story started in Tally-Vegas @ 1:00 Thursday. I spent the morning with the orthopedic discussing my hand (tore a tendon in an awkward accident, really boring story). Met up with JeffryC in the ATL and headed to ODB’s house in Charlotte. A big thanks to ODB and his bride for hosting two road weary souls. 6 AM sharp it was off to WV. We stopped off to pick up Skipink along the way. We hit Silver Creek for night skiing (see Davidski’s thread) The snow was goooood.

Saturday morning started off with meeting the crew…

Then it was off to the slopes. Nice, no make that AWESOME conditions all around, hats off to the Snowshoe groomer crew

ODB at the scene of last years crime…way to come back Bo

SkiCop and the good looking bumble bee make the show

Lift shot (gotta have one)

JBC making quick work of Camp 99

Photos provided by SkiSoutheast/SkiNC.com MB Member hnhbaxter.

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