Here’s something we’ve never revealed before. However we think it’s pretty telling in terms of whose going where at least on the internet. Here’s where the ski area’s websites rank in terms of visits of the more than 4.8 MILLION visitors who hit them all in the last month or so. (The percentage shown is the percentage share of the overall audience (4.8 Million Visitors) that the website gathered during the last month we have the data for.)

1. SkiSoutheast.com – 15.0%
2. SnowshoeMtn.com – 11.8%
3. SkiSugarMtn.com – 9.5%
4. MassResort.com – 9.1%
5. WintergreenResort.com – 8.8%
6. Obergatlinburg.com – 8.5%
7. SkiBeech.com – 6.3%
8. WispResort.com – 5.6%
9. Cataloochee.com – 5.2%
10. Winterplace.com – 5.1%
11. AppSkiMtn.com – 4.3%
12. SkiWolfRidgeNC.com – 3.7%
13. CanaanResort.com – 2.6%
14. BryceResort.com – 1.5%
15. DCSki.com – 1.4%
15. TimberlineResort.com – 1.4%
17. SkiSapphire.com – 0.01%

It is no surprise that Snowshoe is the most visited individual ski resort website in the region and in the state of West Virginia. Ditto for Sugar being the most visited resort site in North Carolina. Massanutten and Wintergreen Resorts in Virginia share a pretty equal share of visitation in the state of lovers. It may come as a surprise to some at how visited OberGatlinburg.com is since they are one of the smaller resorts in the region and with some of the most challenging weather patterns to deal with. However it should be noted that Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the HUGE draw there and their numbers are HUGE in the summer. There’s no question the LIVE CAM we installed up there boosted their winter numbers. It is no surprise that Sapphire pulls up the rear in terms of visitation as they basically have one slope and a tubing hill.

The resort websites near or at the bottom of the list tends to show how little emphasis is put on their internet promotions. The resorts that really WORK the internet are amazingly successful on the internet. Nuff said…

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Mike Doble
Mike is the Editor and founder of SkiSoutheast.com, SkiNC.com and ResortCams.com. Since September 1996 he has posted close to 14,000 posts, articles, photos and videos promoting all of the ski areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.Mike is the father of four daughters, is an avid skier and enjoys golf, tennis, kayaking and hiking in the mountains. Winter snowsports and Summer boating on Watauga Lake are among his favorite pastimes.