Wolf Ridge Resort Offered Some of the Best NC Skiing I Have EVER enjoyed!

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That comes from Todd Mingus who lives and skis at Wolf Ridge from this weekend!

He reports:

Hello Everyone,

Wolf Ridge this weekend was some of the best NC skiing I have ever been able to enjoy. Saturday morning snow total at the house was 12", Sunday morning total was 16" of incredible powder.

I have never seen a ski resort do this in all of my skiing life. The management of Wolf Ridge made an unexpected and unprecedented call to open the whole front side of the mountain with just the natural snow coverage. Most slopes had no prior man-made snow making, just the powder Mother Nature provided. It was simply amazing!!!!

Basically 4 runs had a man-made base with loads of natural powder but the other 12 runs were completely fresh powder only, thus the sticks and such you’ll see in the photos. The Bowl and Flame Out finally open!

Then Sunday morning after the additional 4-6 inches fell, even the thin cover was looking like you were out at Vail. Hats off to Wolf Ridge for making such an incredible call to open the mountain. I didn’t check the Upper Lodge side but I think only the connector was open that would put them at 17 runs open. 17, 18, who cares once you’re up that high!!!

Power was out yesterday or I would have sent you something sooner. Enjoy the photos, lots of folks wanting a forward on these e-mails! Todd

<Fresh tracks on Upper Streak

Looking down The Bowl

Click here to see more of Todd’s Photos from the Trip Report as well as others from Wolf Ridge!

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Fresh tracks on Upper Streak at Wolf Ridge Resort in North Carolina from Saturday! Photo by Todd Mingus
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