Will there be snow for my trip?

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The weather is on everyone’s mind right now. Of over 600 emails that we received from Friday through yesterday…the number one question was "will there be snow for my scheduled ski trip…(insert your own dates)."

First, this isn’t SkiNostradamus.com. Second, we’re not meteorologists. What we CAN tell you is that those that make their living forecasting the weather ALL agree that this winter WILL be a great one…and ALL agree that there is a better than average chance that we’ll see COLDER temps and MORE snow this season that we did for the 2003-2004 season which was a near record breaker.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Winter doesn’t officially start for another couple weeks. While the resorts would certainly love to be making snow in preparation for the "real season", they really don’t get that much traffic this time of year anyway.

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