Wet today – Great Conditions will return for this Weekend!

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Today’s story is almost all weather-related as nearly an inch of rain fell across most of the region yesterday.  As I was crashing for the evening yesterday, some heavier rains pelted my back windows.  I couldn’t help but wonder if base depths were dropping.  I have been invited to do some tours on the area’s snowcats and I’m going to have to do that because these guys can perform magic.

Now before some of you guys who think that I being cynical start emailing me- don’t because I am being sincere – really.  The snow groomers and maintenance people at our resorts across the Southeast can do magic on the slopes. Even after some mild temps like we’ve had of late and then rain like yesterday and last night…base depths haven’t dropped one bit at six of the sixteen resorts that we cover.  Really they haven’t.

Another bit of magic is that ALL of the North Carolina resorts saw a drop of 2-4” of base in the last 24 hours but only one resort in Virginia and only two of four resorts in West Virginia lost any base. Really they didn’t. The Homestead reported a six inch drop in base and none of the rest lost an inch.  Snowshoe and Canaan saw an inch or so of snow disappear…and yet there was no drop at Timberline and Winterplace.

Maryland’s Wisp Resort was another one of those fortunate resorts that didn’t lose any base, while Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee lost 4”. No really…it happened just that way.

Okay…so maybe I am writing with my tongue planted in my cheek. 

Having made my point a bit, I have to brag on my home state’s resorts as all six open resorts reported drops in base depths. Way to go guys and gals.

Regardless of the reported depths…things were somewhat wet yesterday across the region and they will remain so today.  Rain is in the forecast for today.

The GREAT news is that tomorrow will be nice…and Thursday brings a return to Winter with some snow in the forecast and more importantly COLD, Snowmaking temps! Check out the weather forecasts on the front page of the site.

For the record, and this HAS been stated on this website NUMEROUS times, the snowmakers and grooming crews of the Southeast’s ski areas ARE THE BEST in the entire country.  Think about it…they HAVE to be. Without these guys, there would be RARE skiing in the South.  With them…we’ve skied uninterrupted thus far this season and it looks like we’re weathering this slight thaw and wet weather wonderfully as there is plenty of snow at ALL resorts and plenty of side-to-side coverage.  With the return of snowmaking and snowy weather later in the week…look for resorts to be in great shape by Friday with super conditions for this coming weekend.  In fact, we may even see some additional terrain open by the end of the weekend and into next week.

Have a great day and stay dry!

Until Next Time!

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