Wet again today – Winter Returns Thursday with Some Snow!


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Tuesday and Wednesday will be VERY WINDY days across the mountains of Western North Carolina as this drizzly rain system moves out tonight and partly cloudy skies return on Wednesday.

Expect drizzle all day Tuesday with windy conditions…some strong gusty winds later in the day.  Highs Tuesday should be around 40° and a low Tuesday night should be near 34°, which probably means no snowmaking Tuesday night.

Wednesday will be mild and sunny with highs around 47° and lows near 30°.

Things get back to Winter on Thursday with some possible snow showers or at least flurries after a Partly Cloudy start to the day.  Highs Thursday should be close to 36° and the snowguns will be running with lows reaching down to 25° .

Friday will be a SNOWY day with some accumulating snows and VERY COLD temps.  Highs should be around 26°  and lows in the mid teens.

Saturday will start with some leftover snows and highs near 27°  and lows still around the mid teens.  Lots of snowmaking!

Sunday returns us to sunny skies, great ski conditions and highs near 40°  and lows near 25° .

Conditions should be nice by the weekend at your favorite resort!

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