Weather, Roads, Snow and Server Issue…

First Trax

If you hit our site at some point Sunday and we were down…we apologize for the inconvenience. We are getting bombed with more traffic and more inquiries than ever before and for some reason our SQL server quit handling the visits and our front page and messageboards stopped functioning. We have fixed the website issue, but the messageboard will be down until AM Monday. We’ll get our programmer to look into making certain that we can handle heavier traffic flow.

The WeatherSuffice to say that only the brave should be out and about right now! Here’s the midnight ACTUAL TEMPS:

Beech Mountain is at minus 5.2°
Banner Elk is at +1.3°
Boone is at +3.9°
Blowing Rock is at + 1.7°

I returned after being away visiting family this weekend and came in on Hwy 321 from Hickory and began getting into snow about one-half way between Lenior and Blowing Rock. It was only moderate snow but the roads were covered and cars were spinning and sliding UP AND DOWN the mountain. Blowing Rock only looked to have MAYBE 1" of snowfall, Boone MAY have had 2" and most of the trip up Hwy 105 we saw from 1" to 2" of snow. As we came into my area and neighborhood (just down from Seven Devils) we got into only slightly more snow and there was an average of 3" of snow on my front deck which is sheltered from the heavy winds.

The highest report of snow thus far was in Newland and Linville which both reported in with about 4" of snowfall and drifts of a foot or more from the driving wind.

Should be over The snow appears to be waning and I doubt we see much more in the way of accumulation overnight and Monday should be a sunny day with the temperature hovering in the upper teens all day.

Roads ARE snow covered and we will give you a full report in the AM…but traffic should be fine in the morning and Sunny Skies will do a lot to keep roads from being too much of an issue.

See you in the AM!

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