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The weather wasn’t quite cold enough to make snow overnight in North Carolina. Earlier weather forecasts had teased that we’d see low enough temps last night, but it didn’t happen. We have spoken with most all of the resorts and you can count on every resort now making snow at every opportunity.

The GREAT news is those opportunities should begin presenting themselves on Wednesday and stick around at least each night through Sunday. Four or five nights of snowmaking will get us a few more resort openings for certain. Look what Sugar and Appalachian did with just 30 +/- hours of snowmaking last week.

The temperatures for each of the nights beginning Wednesday night are all in the mid to upper 20s and that should be ideal for laying down some much needed base. Highs through that same period are expected in the upper 30s to low 40s so it appears that we have the weather on our side now. We can now hope that we begin seeing more consistent cold temps and some natural snow to really see things kick in all across the region.

For the record, next week’s forecast looks pretty decent after a short "mild up and some rain" on Monday and Tuesday. Those weather gurus that are venturing mid range forecasts are still saying that while we’re in for a snowier and colder winter, we still won’t see winter make it’s unofficial start until the current weather pattern changes. Currently we’re stuck in a pattern that shows no signs of changing over the next week or so with ridging centered over Cuba and upper-level lows that are hanging in the SW United States that are periodically ejecting Northeast towards the Great Lakes or New England. Until THAT pattern changes, Winter will be hard pressed to make its debut!

Keep the faith though and THINK SNOW, because winter doesn’t officially begin until December 20th…and we’ll see our season jump started prior to that.

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