We Found Our Winners for Trip Numbers 5 and 6!

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Today was "contest day" at SkiNC.  Admittedly we were supposed to find our winners a week ago, but we’ve been busy as heck and honestly after the debacle of a few weeks ago (click here to read that story!) <This link will only work once you open to read this full story – I wasn’t ready to tackle making all of the calls again to find a winner!

However, today is Friday and I’m feeling good.  One quick note, believe it or not, AFTER ALL of the trouble we went through to finally nail down two winners for the vacations that are going on THIS WEEKEND…ONE of the winners did not show up! 

However, Craig Harper and nine of his family and friends ARE here and enjoying the Happy Times Vacation cabin up on Seven Devils.  He stopped in this morning to pick up (10) FREE ski passed to Hawksnest and (6) Free Ski Rentals from Ski Country Sports in Banner Elk.  Craig and Sandy are from Barnwell, South Carolina and he was a very happy camper.  He told us he is headed to Sugar Mountain to ski today and after some friends arrive later today, they are all going skiing up at Hawksnest on SkiNC, Happy Times Cabins and Ski Country Sports.

Craig admitted that he was a bit nervous while looking at the webcams on Tuesday but things have turned around quite nicely for this weekend.  Craig also stated, “I have to tell you that it sure is different waking up looking out at Grandfather Mountain than Barnwell!”  He’s right about that!

So warmed by Craig’s good fortune, we were ready to find the winners for trips number Five and Six.  Okay, I really wasn’t quite looking forward to making a bunch of calls and dealing with people who “didn’t expect to win” or had some other excuse as to why they wanted to win…but couldn’t make it, etc.  So admittedly I passed that duty on to two of our office staff, Lauren and Katie to make the calls.

They were excited to be able to pick and contact the winners…even though I warned them that it wasn’t all it sounded like it should be.  They wanted me to “show them how to handle the calls with a first contact.”  Seems they were now privately concerned just a little.

So I first dialed “Maurice” in Auburn, Alabama .  Mom answered and after adamantly inquiring of me, “Who is this; why are you calling Maurice” and others… she told me he wouldn’t be available today.  I hung up.

Next call was to Andrea Granese in Dania, Florida .  No Answer.  I was sure it was happening all over again!

My next call was to Will Mosuch of August, .  Machine picked up.  I hung up.  I was already going into a funk, hesitating to make another call.  Our phone rang and a guy named “Will” wanted to know who just called him.  They passed the call to me and I informed Will that we were calling to name him as a winner of a free vacation to Ski Beech and Eagle Ridge Log Cabins in Banner Elk.  He responded, “I was hoping for your call!”

Yea baby!  A winner and one that KNEW why we were calling.  He remembered that he had entered and was ready, willing, and able – EVEN THANKFUL and EXCITED to be chosen.  All of this on call number three!

Our next call went to  Barbara Novis of Baltimore, Maryland .  Barbara was also excited, knew us as SkiMidAtlantic.com, which we don’t mention much, but is a mirror of www.SkiSoutheast.com. She had just learned about the website some two months ago and entered and was very familiar that the High Country had ski areas.  She had heard about us on WBAL Television.  That’s pretty cool and we have Joe Steven of The Media Center to thank for helping us get the word out up that way.

Anyway, two winners in four calls.  The office girls were disappointed that they didn’t get to make the calls.  Maybe next time.  I don’t know though, cause this time it was fun…and easy.  Whew!

Congratulations to Will and Barbara.  Enjoy your vacations next weekend.  They both win 4 day, 4 night vacations and (4) free lift passes and ski rentals to boot!  There still more vacations to win.  Click on the Popular Clicks up top and then Contests and enter today.

We are also preparing to give away a TON of lift passes in the next two weeks so that you guys will have time to use them before the season is over.  So if you want some free skiing and maybe a vacation to boot be sure to enter – and expect to win!


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