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Being a carpenter this time of year has meant a lot of down time in between
projects.I’m off work until at least thursday. My mom called mon. evening and
asked if I wanted to spend a night or two at their timeshare at Massanutten since
they weren’t gonna stay the whole week (fri.-fri ) and were already headed home..She
didn’t have to ask twice.

I was running a little late so I didn’t get up top until about 9:45,it was snowing
lightly , still plenty of untouched cords though.  The sun came out after lunch and it softened the snow up perfectly , almost spring corn like.  But what really impressed me was Massanutten’s park. There have been some great TR from Mass recently (even a Hall of famer by EC!!) Haven’t seen any coverage from the park and it really needs some recognition.  Buttery groomed park line+ sunny skies.  A fine day on the snow at the mighty mass!


Trip report provided by Messageboard Member brookbarrel.

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