Today Will be the Last Rainy Day of the Year at Southeastern Ski Resorts

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…and it doesn’t look to be a wash-out. The forecast seems to be much the same, no matter where you look today. There is a good chance at some rainfall and perhaps up to one-half inch of rain in some mountain locations. However, it also looks like there will be opportunities to dodge the raindrops and get in a few turns. The snow conditions out there, especially early, will be pretty good as there is ample snow-base at every ski area and the surface will be a mix of carvable fun and some mash-potatoes later in the day.

The Photo of the Day (so far) is of the top of Timberline Mountain waiting on ME to get out there.

No matter the weather we are presented with – this WILL be the last rainy day of the year. The key to enjoying today (if you do venture out) will be to wear good, waterproof outer layers or shell. With proper gear, helmet and goggles – today will be like any other.

Many of the ski areas had plans for New Year’s Eve celebrations and it appears that MOST are keeping those plans. However, we do know that Canaan Valley Resort already cancelled their fireworks show. So with the moisture coming in this morning, there could be other last-minute cancellations – so if you are planning to drive up to celebrate the New Year, call the resort ahead to ensure that things are still scheduled.

This is MY final FirsTrax report of my annual ski-getaway as Matt Laws has agreed to handle tomorrow (Sunday’s) ski report and FirsTrax news share. Tomorrow is a traditional travel day for many who do the Christmas-to-New-Year’s weeklong getaway. It looks like the weather will be sunny on Sunday morning, so I MIGHT take advantage of that shot at getting my FIRST TURNS on the slopes of the 2023 year.

As it always happens on these week-long ski-getaways, several in our crew are already “worn out” or “skied out” as most of those who made the trip with me this season have already gotten in +/- 32 runs down Timberline Mountain. Some have already opted out on this “iffy” weather day, preferring to stream/binge watch some favorite shows, and perhaps take in some ice-skating and visit a pub or two later.

Being flexible and willing to adjust schedules on the fly is a crucial ingredient to having an awesome ski trip. There are thirteen of us hanging together on this particular trip and another dynamic to making the best out of having that many hanging together is to just decide in advance to be happy and patient with everyone doing their own thing.

As far as those ingredients are concerned, this has been a fantastic trip. I’ll probably wrap up this FirsTrax post and head out for what WILL be uncrowded slopes and more good times. I’ll chill a lot later in the day and I promise to post some of the better photos and videos from our Friday.

My Friday was spent skiing with a young Latvian girl names Vladi. She became my most recent soul of whom I introduced to the sport of skiing. Her first day was spent just doing the basics, but on Friday she became a skier. She completely dropped the pizza moves and to my knowledge, never fell skiing and her top speed was 34.6 mph…skiing under control.

She is absolutely HOOKED on skiing now and is the most eager to go out, when any ONE in our party is ready to go. It is always rewarding and heart-warming when that happens. For MANY newbies, skiing for the first few times is a chore. It is more struggle and hard work than actual fun. Vladi seemed to hang on something I shared with her on her first day and it wasn’t anything I personally came up with – but that I remembered some sometime in the last 35 years or so that I have been skiing.

Vladi was eager to pick up any suggestions and that prompted me to share:

Once you gain the few skills that are really needed to enjoy the snow; things like how to stop, how to turn, how to side-slide when necessary, how to get up when you fall and NOT to worry about falling – but focus on staying loose and upright – THEN the mountain becomes YOUR PLAYGROUND. You start seeing little bumps that you can jump and corners to cut, and more. Skiing becomes fun.

Vladi reminded me of that yesterday and THAT made my day.

So if you’re reading this and have the opportunity to go ski or ride today, enjoy the HELL of it. I know I plan on doing just THAT within 20 minutes of posting this!

Enjoy your day and check back later for photos and video posts.

Check the SNOW REPORT this morning for full details.

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