The Wolf Howls and Appalachian Joins in Snowmaking

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As we speculated in an earlier report, Wolf Ridge Resort IS making snow and they ARE HOPING to be able to make enough snow to open Sunday. Will Powell from Wolf told us.

The Wolf Awakens!!!

Our snow making crew is working full force and we have A New Hope of possibly opening on Sunday before the El Nino Strikes Back.


App Ski Mtn from moments ago 2:15pm EST
App Ski Mtn from moments ago 2:15pm EST

Appalachian ALSO began making snow just a bit ago. So every resort that we speculated would make snow today now ARE. We’ll update you as we have more to share.

Man, it is CRAZY out there in SkiSoutheast-land today. I’m not sure I’ve witnessed this much coordinated efforts almost simultaneously blasting the slopes of the region as I am seeing right now.

I watched some of the cameras and witnessed snowmaking crews walking the hills and re-positioning equipment here and there. The concerted effort we’re able to watch across multiple LIVE cameras is pretty crazy. If you only visit us via you are missing half the fun.


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