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The weather. The high temps. Will it melt all of the snow? Is there any snow on the slopes? Will there be snow on January 11th when I make MY ski trip?

All of those questions were asked in more ways than I care to mention, so we’re going to address them as quickly as possible. The very fact that these questions are being asked like this again and again…shows us just how many new visitors are hitting this website every day. People who have been visiting us for some time KNOW the stock answer…that manmade snow doesn’t melt that fast, etc. OR DO THEY?

One gentlemen (I won’t reveal his name for fear of embarrassment) said this in an email overnight, "I have been visiting your website for years and have come to respect your reports for being right on. I have read about how the slopes snow doesn’t melt so fast like real snow, but with all of these warm temperatures I can’t help but ask, will there be any left for my ski trip next week?"

Oh ye of little faith! First, there is PLENTY, PLENTY, PLENTY of snow on the slopes. Most of the ski areas are reporting from a foot to over five feet of base depths. The fact is you can only ski or ride on the top six inches or so…so all of the rest is just there for the future…to make sure that YOU WILL have snow in the event of prolonged mild spells like the one we’re in right now.

There are (and will be) thin coverage and bare spots developing at ALL resorts. Notice I said ALL resorts. Not all resorts are reporting them…but they are there. We’ve had On-Snow Reports from many of the areas and all of them include some comments of some form of thin coverage and bare spots. With the mild temperature in the forecast for several more days there WILL be more thin and bare spots developing. However there WILL BE plenty of snow to ski and ride on. Most of the resorts stockpile snow in strategic areas to assist in grooming those high traffic areas with more snow. What might have been a large mound that you skied over last week COULD be snow on the middle of the slope tomorrow. At any rate, quit fretting because for now we’re in good shape.

When will the weather change? – We are working on some data that we’ll share with you asap. Was the woolly worm and all of the weather experts wrong? Is the latest updates from NWS and NOAA incorrect? Will it EVER snow again? We’ll address these things and more by the first of the week.

Until then – ENJOY THE SNOW!

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