Day Six of Our Virtual Ski Trip

First Trax

Friday was a suprisingly GREAT day of skiing. Surprising because the forecast had called for cloudy skies and a decent chance of light rain. The temperatures were also relatively mild overnight and I expected loose conditions on the slopes. We were able to get for first tracks right at 9am and we did six or seven runs before 10:00am. The conditions this morning ranged from perfect cordouroy on the slopes that had been groomed to hard packed on those that were not. The slopes were fast and the crowds were non-existent. No lift lines until about 11am. After about an hour of first runs…I went in and got my girls and we did several more runs over on the Northern side around the Powder Monkey lift and all of the trails over there were quite nice as well.

About 11am or so lift lines began to grow to about ten minutes which is still GREAT considering the Holiday crowd. We skied a few more near perfect runs and then stopped off at Yodelers Pub, which is a great place to break for lunch and some refreshments. Yodelers Pub is located just off the Powder Monkey lift, above The Red Fox Restaurant. They offer great appetizers (I recommend the wings and the nachos with chili) and they also a nice menu of great deli-style sandwiches which are perfect for a bite before hitting the slopes again.

We did just that at about 1:45pm and skied until about 3:00pm. Again the lift lines were consistently around 5 to 10 minutes long. Towards the afternoon the slopes were again loose as they were on Thursday afternoon, and a few thin coverage areas began to show through, which the patrolers clearly marked.

We hit the rooms a bit early today so that I could take care of a little business, and while I did that the kids went over to Split Rock Pools again for about an hour or so. I figured I’d get a first hand "interview" with one or two of the participants and I asked, "What’s your favorite thing about Split Rock Pool?" The answer was –

"The slide."
"The Hot Tub"
"Just all of it."

Three reviews…three answers. Just know that kids of all ages enjoy it. I went over the other day and spent a couple of hours going back and forth from the hot tub to the main pool…and it was a very relaxing and invigorating time…all at the same time.

After everyone had returned to their rooms we coordinated our dinner plans and found that ALL twelve people wanted to go to the Foxfire Grill for dinner. So AGAIN we used our call ahead strategy and visited them at 4:30 asking for seating for twelve and we were given a 6:30pm dining time. At about 6:00pm we called to verify and found we were still on schedule for 6:30pm. We showed up at 6:30pm and were seated within about five minutes…much to the chagrin of a lobby full of disgruntled people who were being told there was a two hour wait.

We always enjoy dining at The Foxfire Grill. The atmosphere is always festive (and loud) and the food is as good as you will find on the mountain. I had a Coca Cola Barbecue Chicken entree and it was absolutely delicious. The service was fast and that was pretty awesome considering that the date was December 31st.

After dinner we returned to our rooms and played games and partied, family style, until we brought the New Year. We all went out on our balcony that faces the Village of Snowshoe which was buzzing with revelers of all ages. As I am writing this, way past midnight, there are MANY people screaming at the top of their lungs as if being attacked by zombies or vampires. You know..strange gutteral, life ending, blood curdling screams. For the record, tonight was not the only night that you might here these kinds of sounds down in the village. Snowshoe tends to let people party hearty no matter the time…no matter the day. That might be of some consequence to families that are staying on the mountain. I was here a couple of weeks ago and even with many fewer people on the mountain…there was some heavy yelling and screaming going on way past 2am. You’ll notice that this has been my ONLY complaint about the resort operations. It would seem that there would be some considerations for a curfew of sorts that could be implemented by simply having security just walk around and ask people to temper their screams…unless of course THEY WERE BEING ATTACKED by zombies or vampires. Truthfully, the cure is to just turn on some background noise like a television or radio. On that note I will call it a night and wish all of you a VERY Happy New Year. Oh my LORD there’s another zombie attack!

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