The Skier’s Report for Southeast Ski Areas for Thursday

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Here’s some last minute notes for Thursday.

Some are reporting that Appalachian Ski Mountain made snow last night.  Admittedly their own website kind of confuses the issue by saying that they did not make snow but also that they have fresh manmade snow.  The low last night (or at 5am this morning) in Blowing Rock was 38.6° so we’re going to say they did not make snow.  They HAVE however groomed all none trails and with the chilly temps, conditions should be VERY, VERY nice at Appalachian today.

Cataloochee’s website is also sending mixed signals, and the SSAA is also errantly reporting that Cat has 10 trails open today.  They have EIGHT.  Cataloochee is still looking quite fine with good coverage but they are skiing and snowboarding on eight trails today serviced by four lifts.  They have groomed the trails and are open from 1pm to 10pm today and tonight.

There seems to be a theme today of confusing messages.  In keeping with that theme, Hawksnest is still saying that they will be open on Friday.  We’ll try to get a word with Lenny up there because they have not made snow when temps allowed night before last and they were not able to make snow last night either.  One look at the webcam and it looks like they’d have to perform some magic to be open, but the word is as follows:

On Friday March 17th, we will open at 12:30pm for skiing/boarding until midnight. Snow tubing will be open 1pm to 9pm. On Saturday, March 11th, hours will be 9am to midnight for skiing/boarding, snow tubing will be open 9am to 9pm. On Sunday, March 11th, our hours will be 9am to 4:30pm for skiing/boarding, snow tubing will be open 9am to 3pm.”

Until we hear further, that will be our message…Hawksnest plans to be open.  It will be fun watching the transformation from what it looks like right now to a possible opening on Friday.  We’ll keep you posted.

We can’t get away from confusion this morning.  The SSAA is reporting that Sugar has 16 trails open.  Sugar is reporting 15 open trails and they are showing some thin coverage and bare areas, but all in all a good day over there.

The North Carolina resorts were hoping to get in some more snowmaking before the weekend, but it looks like the temps will stay just above snowmaking range until Friday night.  It will be interesting to watch and see if any resorts make snow or if they ride out the rest of the season with what they have now…which by the way isn’t bad at all!  Like Joe Stevens said in his weekly “Joe Knows Snow” column – it is ALL about FUN and if you have the right perspective this should be a nice weekend.


Massanutten Resort is planning to close Sunday for the season and they have seven trails open with 5 lifts and they do have some thin coverage and bare areas.

If you guys  are getting the idea that the theme of the day is “confusing reports” I guess by default it is, because Wintergreen is reporting that they have 15 groomed trails open today and SSAA and others are reporting 13.  Wintergreen Resort is excited about the prospects of SNOW in their forecast for tonight.  The National Weather Service is forecasting 2” or so…so Friday should be nice!  They will also be able to make snow Friday night and that means Saturday should be sweet!


Here’s where the snow is people! Canaan Valley reported 2” of snow yesterday and they made snow. They are open with 24 trails today and no confusion here.  They are getting snow tonight and Friday and conditions will be great this weekend.

Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia has to be the pick of the day in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.  They’ve had 3” of snow since yesterday morning, more is falling AND the National Weather Service is calling for 3-5” tonight AND more Friday morning (perhaps 3-5” more!).  They are already reporting Groomed, Packed Powder on 54 open trails.  With all that snow and snowmaking at night (which they did last night as well) they will have some great conditions for today, Friday and this weekend.  Remember that they have a ton planned this weekend!  Check out their website at

(Oh yea… the SSAA is reporting Snowshoe has 55 trails open.  Confusion reports???)

Timberline also got another 2” of snow in the last 24 hours and they have variable and groomed conditions on 20 trails today.  Thanks to Pam Long for this update.  In keeping with the theme of conflicting reports today, the SSAA is reporting 29 open trails for Timberline.  There’s 20 trails with 97% groomed conditions.

Winterplace Resort is open today with 24 trails serviced by 4 lifts and groomed conditions.  The temps got close to snowmaking last night so that will make for some firm conditions today.  They DO have some thin coverage and bare areas…but good side-to-side coverage.

Wisp Resort in Maryland did get an inch of snow yesterday and more is forecasted for the Maryland based ski area. 2-4” of snow is forecast from tonight through Friday so conditions should be great up there for this weekend’s festivities. They are reporting 19 trails open instead of the 17 being reported by the SSAA.

There’s your details for today.  Get out and enjoy what should be a great day and weekend ahead.  I will be traveling in the early hours of Friday and plan on having a guest host for you guys.  Keep checking back!

Until Next Time

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