Kent Jackson Reports on Snowshoe Mountain on Wednesday and Joe Harmon reports from Wintergreen!

On Snow

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Kent Jackson reports from Snowshoe Mountain on Wednesday –

I skied Snowshoe all day today. It was snowing early and continued snowing until around noon. It was a little windy all day, but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday. After lunch the sun popped out and it made for a great day to be on the hill. All of the beginner trails were in fantastic shape all day long. Those trails had fresh powder during the morning and packed powder in the afternoon. Either way it was great! The intermediate and expert trails were good early but the snow got pushed around and exposed some icy spots. Unfortunately there are a lot of guests that don’t know how to ride the steeper trails and they slide down instead. They push the good stuff right off the hill. The trails were still fun to ride though. It was just a disappointment that all of the fresh powder didn’t stay even. I’m sure the groomers will be out tonight, push it back and it will probably last a little longer being packed down a bit. The Western Territory was open today and was a blast to ride. There was no wait when I was there this morning. The other lifts at snowshoe moved fairly quick as well. I will have to give the lift operators kudos. They did their best to keep things running smoothly and kept the chairs full. They could all speak English too! All in all it was a great day to be at snowshoe.

Joe Harmon reports on Wintergreen on Wednesday –

As you know we ventured up to wintergreen today. it was a decent day on the snow. there was snow and there were bare spots. pics will show u. but overall we had a great time. mark took a nice fall trying to ride bird style across the grass, and mud. if you care to see that pic venture over to the messageboard tomorrow and it will be up there. here are just a few of the pics we took today. that one run of mark coming down was outer limits supposed to be closed, but there was no rope up so we went down it twice. would have gone more, but they yelled at us the 2nd time and told us they would take our tickets so we stayed off. we were gonna also poach lower cliff hanger at the end of the day. huge closed sign on it. it looked better than outer limits, but marks shoulder was kinda hurting so we skipped.

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