The Next Arctic Front is Upon Us

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The arctic front has started to settle in as the morning temperatures at the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic resorts show us today.  Where we were at 40 degrees yesterday at Appalachian Ski Mountain in North Carolina, we are at 9 degrees this morning.  Its’ the same story wherever you go.  Beech dropped from 36 yesterday morning to 3 this morning, Wintergreen went from 36.3 yesterday morning to 3.6 degrees this morning. Snowshoe Resort Forecast

There are some danger cold scenarios out this morning that you should be aware of.  It is currently -7 at Canaan Valley Resort in West Virginia but the wind chill makes it feel like -25 degrees.  Snowshoe is reporting an air temperature of -2 this morning with the wind not helping matters much. –>

Be sure to layer up if you’re heading out today.  Brave the cold and you’re bound to get good conditions. 

Of course, with the cold comes natural snow and snow making temperatures.  The Maryland and West Virginia resorts are the first to see natural snow.  Snowshoe got another inch last night.  I’m starting to sound like a broken record with Snowshoe.  How about this, you guys just assume Snowshoe got at least an inch unless I say otherwise.  Canaan and Timberline received 2” of good ole natural snow last night, while the big winner is Wisp in Maryland who scored 4” of snow last night.

Down here in North Carolina we have not seen the snow yet but the temps have allowed the guns to fire up – and you know we love few things more in the south than our guns.  Appalachian added 2-6” to their base bringing it up to 98”.  Wolf Ridge had their guns on last night as well and was able to lay down an additional 3” bringing them up to 65”.  And Finally, Ober over in Tennessee dropped about 2-3” of manmade snow onto their runs over night.

As a frequent reader of First Trax, you know that Ober is hosting the Tennessee Special Olympic Winter Games.  In case you missed it, our friends over there have sent us a video of the opening ceremony. 

Herb Stevens, the skiing weatherman, also sent us a weather and skiing update yesterday for West Virginia.

To round out the house cleaning this morning – I also updated our events page.  As we are entering the heart of the ski season, there are lots of things going on at the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic ski resorts.  Have you guys made plans for the Super Bowl yet?  Both Beech and Snowshoe are having watching parties.  Both are offering price breaks on appetizers as well as drinks.  Beech Mountain will have $1 PBRs!

I just did another quick sweep of the resorts again and snow has started to fall at Sugar Mountain here in the North Carolina High Country.

Snowing at Sugar Mountain Resort

Hold on to your hats!

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