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The subject of 98% of all emails that we have received over the last few days is THE WEATHER. Well we have some good news. The weather IS changing and we should see some of the rain puddles turning to snow soon. There is a chance of some snowfall here in the High Country for Thanksgiving Day. Don’t get too excited because we’re not expecting any kind of significant accummulation. But HEY it’s snow!

Tonight’s low is expected to be around 43°. Much colder air funnels in on Thursday with highs expected to be the very same 43° and Thursday night’s low should drop to around 23°. Will the snowguns crank up? We’re betting that we will see the snowguns running at a few locations. Here’s the forecast summary:

Thursday: Hi 43 Lo 23
Friday: Hi 43 Lo 27
Saturday: Hi 47 Lo 38
Sunday: Hi 50 Lo 31
Monday: Hi 50 Lo 30

With temps like the above, we may see snowmaking temps four out of the next five nights. Then we might see a little drizzle on Tuesday with a high around 50° and a low of only 36° or so.

However the next two nights (Wednesday and Thursday of next week) look favorable at this point. Highs in the mid to upper 40s and lows 29° both nights.

Don’t be surprised to see Sugar and Appalachian (maybe a few others) scramble to lay down some quick base and open within a day or two. It could happen! THINK SNOW!

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