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First, to those that have emailed us about the messageboard being down. As with the weather right now, into every life a little rain must fall. The messageboard WILL be down until Monday. We have moved SKINC and SKISOUTHEAST onto a new server and we have to migrate the board and database into the new mix. We know there’s a fair number of you guys that are regulars and we’ll get it back up for you Monday.

For our visitors that have questions about planning trips to the mountains…while the messageboard has been a resource…we’ll still answer your many questions as we always have. THE OLD FASHIONED way…one on one via email. Also always remember that our FAQ pages answer a lot of questions that you may have. You can find the FAQs under the "helpful information" link.

Thanks to the thousands of you who have already emailed us in the last few days about the new websites. We are still working on both SKINC and SKISOUTHEAST and we think you will like the way we will be tying them both together. We’ll try to have everything in place by the end of the Thanksgiving Weekend.

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