The Best Weekend of Skiing and Snowboarding Thus Far this Winter Ahead!

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This weekend will no doubt be the best weekend of skiing and snowboarding that we have seen thus far into the 2007-2008 ski season. Be sure to check out the Slope Conditions page for individual resort details of trail offerings, etc.

The recent natural snows and the best snowmaking temps of the season have made the surface conditions PRIMO for today and the weekend. The forecast is for highs in the mid to upper 40s for Saturday and a bit milder (near 50°) on Sunday with clear skiers and no snowmaking going on while you’re enjoying those awesome conditions!

If you’re planning to be at App on Saturday, be sure to wander over to the terrain park as they have their second annual premier of their Shred for the Cup Series. It promises to be a stellar day and there will be lots of "Kodak Moments".

Cataloochee’s Tammy Brown wanted us to inform all of their guests that even though temps would allow for snowmaking during ski hours today – they WILL NOT be "making snow on their guests". That is a testament as to how much snow the resorts have been able to lay down over the last few days.

Fans of Sapphire Valley should be happy to hear that they HAVE been making snow (still are as of this morning) and they report, "We are planning on opening Frozen Falls Tube Park on Friday, December 4th, weather permitting. Sapphire Valley Ski Area "may" open on Saturday, December 5th, please call ahead to make sure, as the weather has been very unreliable. 828.743.7663.

Ski Beech’s will be making snow as long as temps allow so if you plan to ski there today or tonight, wear your goggles and protective gear. Their conditions are at the best of the season on 5 trails today and as mentioned earlier the snowguns will stop sometime Saturday…so enjoy!

Note: We heard that Beech hosted their first Friday night rail jam, and we’re sure that some must have attended, but there has not been one email or messageboard post about it. No pics?!? No videos?!?! No comments!?!?

Sugar Mountain leads the way in North Carolina with 12 trails open for Friday skiing and snowboarding. They also have their new 10,000 sf ice skating rink open!

Wolf Ridge is open with 5 trails today and tubing. They are reporting that their terrain park is not open although it is being reported as open by other sources.


Admittedly it has been the kind of season to date…that has not prompted the usual "kodak moments" however the conditions are finally looking sweet and we need your trail reports, photos and videos to share the news of how the resorts are faring. So email yours and we’ll get them online! Send them to [email protected]  

Note: We have signed up more Trail Reporters this season than ever before and we look forward to seeing your images and reports as well!


That has been THE MOST asked question of the last three days. Seems that you guys are paying attention to the snow and snowmaking that we’ve had this past week.

If you guys will look back to what conditions were like just a week ago you’d be amazed at the transformation that has taken place. Base depths have soared in the last few days as resorts blast the most important terrain first – to insure that they have a good product for their guests.

Now that bases are strong you can expect that resorts will move their snowmaking focus to additional terrain. Sugar has already accomplished that by opening more terrain as of this morning. You’ll will no doubt see more ski areas following suit.

Several of you asked specifics as to "where to ski" based on which resort had the most of their terrain available. Well right now Sugar does have the most terrain open…and we thought that we’d provide you with a bit deeper insight as to percentages, etc.

Here’s where resorts stand this morning:

Appalachian – 60% open (6 of 10)

Cataloochee – 50% open (7 of 14)

Hawksnest – 50% open (6 of 12)

Sapphire Valley – 0% (0 of 2)

Ski Beech – 33% (5 of 15)

Sugar Mountain – 60% (12 of 20)

Wolf Ridge – 25% (5 of 20)

North Carolina Resorts have 44% of their terrain open or (41 of 93 slopes).


Meteorologist Brad Panovich sent his latest skier’s forecast in and according to him we should see great snowmaking weather today and tonight that will make the already great conditions…even better. Then the snowmaking guns will shut down sometime on Saturday and probably won’t crank back up until Thursday evening of next week.

That is fine, because resorts are in great shape to weather that bit of thaw. The long range forecast is for more cold temps and perfect jet streams bringing us more winter weather into next weekend. So we may be entering a cycle that is perfect for the ski areas.

We can hope! That will open more terrain and provide some sweet conditions ahead.

Until Next Time…Send your comments, photos and videos to: [email protected]  

For resort news, photos and videos from ALL of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski areas, visit  

See You On The Slopes!

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