The Beans Are In The Jar: August Ends With 24 Foggy Mornings

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August 17 2022 Foggy Morning

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As August comes to a close, the beans are in the jar.

Thursday morning brought the end of August, and it went out on a foggy note to bring us to 24 beans in the jar representing 24 foggy mornings in the month of August.

For those curious why we are obsessed with fog in August, it dates back to the old-time mountain folklore of “for every fog in August, there will be a snowfall during the subsequent winter season.”

Now you can see why we are big August Fogs fans (that kind of sounds like a bestselling book series my wife would read but I digress).

That old mountain tradition also calls for you to place a bean in a jar to keep count, and that is something we do as well.

This year’s mark of 24 edged out last year’s mark of 23. If you are wondering, here is the count the past couple of years:
2023- 24
2022 – 23
2021 – 21
2020 – 26
2018 – 15
2017 – 22
2016 – 21

The more fog the better, right?

As the calendar turns to September, we turn our attention to the fall leaf watch and preseason news from the resorts. We are going to blink and the season will be here.

That does it for today, but until next time, #ThinkSnow!

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