Stellar Early Season Conditions Right Now

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Another week that featured roller coaster weather is going to end on a high note, at least the working part of the week anyways. Things were looking rather bleak earlier this week, especially here in NC. Take a look at the GIF images below. They show the huge difference in conditions at Cat and Beech between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. It really is crazy how quickly things turned around.

Today looks AWESOME for skiing and snowboarding. Bluebird skies and good snow, you can't ask for much more in life. Yesterday was the same. A few of my buddies were at Beech and were stoked on how good the snow was. #spraysfordays.

I'm pretty envious of them and the rest of the people who have gotten to take advantage of these stellar mid-week conditions.  I used to skip class in college on days like this to go riding. Can't do that anymore. I only have one day of riding under my belt thus far…TERRIBLE! I was planning on going riding tomorrow, but it looks like it will be a little sloppy here in North Carolina. It looks like a mostly cold rain event during the day. Oof. Virginia looks better, but still a little messy in the afternoon. As is the case usually, the West Virginia resorts will see more snow than the rest. A few inches is possible for Snowshoe, Canaan, and Timberline.

Sunday looks like the choice day to get some turns in this weekend as some natural snow will fall on the backside of this storm, especially up in WV.  Snowshoe could be looking at a powder day.

Tim did a good job yesterday talking about a bunch of events this weekend. You can re-read his post by CLICKING HERE. There are a couple other things that I figured I would mention…

– Wolf Ridge is re-opening today after being closed for a few days.

– Winterplace is also open once again today.

– App Ski Mtn is hosting their first Fresh Friday event of the season tonight. With around the clock snowmaking over the past few days, they should have a pretty sweet setup.

– Beech Mtn Resort opens the Beech Tree Bar and Grille today for the first time this season. They will have live music tomorrow night. They now have a bar at the top and the bottom of the mountain…awesome!

– A lot of resorts are beginning their night operations this weekend. Wisp, Beech, Wolf Ridge, Ober Gatlinburg, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Snowshoe, and Winterplace will all be open for night sessions. These are in addition to App and Sugar, which had already been offering night sessions.

– 14 of the 16 ski areas in the region are now open for the season. Woohoo!

Everyone enjoy your weekend and feel free to share some pics or video with our messageboard community. It's a great resource! If you can't make it on the slopes, you can always see what's happening live at the resorts over on Resort Cams. We have just about every ski area covered now.

Music Selection of the Day: The Led Zeppelin catalog is now on Spotify.  Check it out!

That's it for today!

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