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Trip Report for Saturday, November 28th at Sugar Mountain

I decided at 10am this morning to head on over to Sugar and get a few turns in. Had a great day and pulled an afternoon session. Made laps on the upper part of the mountain where the line (lift line) was almost nothing. The bottom was ok, but I stayed away.

Snow coverage was really good considering that everything was bare 48 hours ago.

Sugar had not been able to make snow at the top of the mountain just yet.  They obviously were concentrating on the 3/4 station and down.

The base was very low, but I never hit a rock or much mud on the slope at all. The only real mud was in the loading and unloading area.

Some of the bottom of Lower Flying Mile was already showing a little bit worn by Saturday afternoon. Again conditions were pretty good considering there was NO SNOW on the hill just 48 hours earlier.

The only complaint that I think people had as a whole were the loading area at the bottom of the lift areas where by the afternoon things were basically only mud.

See this last photo and then go over to the full report with larger images.

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