Snowy Winter 2005-2006???

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August 31st Update: I bet a few people yesterday that we’d have another foggy morning this morning and I lost. The winds created from the exit of Hurricane Katrina kept the fog away and that means that August unofficially had 25 of 31 foggy mornings. That sure bodes well for a snowy Winter if those old wives tales can be counted on!

Hurricane Katrina is wreaked havoc throughout the Southeast and our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by that monster hurricane.

We are continuing to get input from the region’s ski areas regarding "what’s new" and what to expect from Winter 2005-2006. Some resorts are in the midst of adding some paint to their offerings, generating new web design projects and some are still in hibernation mode. Regardless, it won’t be long now! Our Team SkiNC / SkiSoutheast goal has been to be ready with new content, updates, contests and more by the time that the Woolly Worm spouts it’s prediction for this winter. The Woolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk will go off in mid October and we’re planning on jump starting at about the same time…so that gives us about six weeks to "get our act together"!

I was four-wheeling up in Banner Elk this past weekend and not ONLY were the Sugar Maples turning colors…there were patches of several Oak trees that were already putting on an Autumn look! Where the heck did Summer go? It is truly hard to believe that we are only 5-7 weeks away from PEAK FALL COLOR here! Man!

I posted a Foggy image yesterday and received several emails wondering why we didn’t post a snowy one. August is famous for it’s part in the old farmers or farmers wives tale about being able to predict how an upcoming winter would be by counting the number of foggy mornings in August. Hence the foggy image. Bill Stedem of Matthews, NC sent us another one overnight…so we posted that this morning. (You guys are SO creative!)

Regardless of what kind of Winter we are in store for, I CAN tell you that we’re seeing an inordinate amount of pre-season interest on the two websites of SkiNC and Yesterday, SkiNC received 1264 unique visitors (53 an hour) and you guys visited 5606 pages of the site! Thus far in August we have received 22,373 unique visitors! That is up 43% from last year at this point in late August.

SkiSoutheast saw 1112 unique visitors yesterday. Since SkiSoutheast wasn’t even running separately at this time last year…that stat is even more impressive.

So you guys are definately showing that interest in the upcoming Winter is rising with each passing day.

Until Next Time!

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