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Every year we receive emails about this or that resort potentially selling. We receive numerous emails and a few calls about a NEW RESORT potentially being bigger and better than all of the others in North Carolina or Virginia. There HAVE been a few legitimate stories being related…but they have all ended with the same result. Nothing. First of all, it should be noted that there is plenty of skiable terrain in North Carolina with seven ski areas to choose from. However, it HAS been argued by many snow enthusiast, that there are never too many ski areas. Additionally, many people who love and frequent the High Country areas around Ashe County have hinted for quite some time that investors have been looking at a few places to potentially locate a new ski area.

A couple of years ago we were contacted about some developers looking at property over near Mitchell and Yancey County. Two or three seasons ago we had some discussions with a young man who was really trying to jumpstart a project in Ashe County. They even had a name and logo for the place – Mt. Kala. It sounded promising, but alas nothing.

Then last season we began to get a few emails, topo maps and more about what APPEARS to be the SAME land on which a new ski resort could be built. This time the name floating around is "Phoenix Mountain"…and this time we have not only received numerous emails about…the subject is also being mentioned on the messageboards. We received the first email about it last year and we sat on it. Now that it resurfaced again we decided to look into it. Before you ski lovers get your hopes up TOO much…you should know that there ARE NO developers with plans to buy this mountain and build a ski resort on it. However you should also know that there is a company that is PROMOTING it FOR SALE as potentially great location for a ski resort. There is a HUGE gap or difference in the emails about this "great new ski resort coming" and 394 acres for sales that is simply being promoted as a great area to locate one. We deal with realtors every day (literally) who use promotional text that refers to a huge house as a potentially great bed & breakfast location. That doesn’t keep Mr. and Mrs. Jones from buying that big old house and keep it for themselves!

While the "Phoenix Mountain" promotion does create some fever…it doesn’t quite live up to the billing that many of our emails have led on about it. Simply put – it’s 394 acres for sale. Any takers? I know a TON of Ashe County businesses who would LOVE to see a new ski area happen over that way! I don’t know about that name though! Wasn’t "Phoenix" a legendary bird that crashed and burned? (Before I get a lot of email, I KNOW it supposedly rose again to live for a period of time…but we don’t need anymore up and down ski areas.)

If you’re interested in bidding on Phoenix Mountain, or just seeing it for yourself, you can click to visit Sheldon Good and Company in Illinois

If one of you guys buys it…we have a better name…Mt. Kala…and a logo as well. Mt. Kala in Cherokee means something like "He who has lots of wampum to waste". Just kidding…it really means Highest Peak or Pinnacle or something. Heck if it gets going, we’ll get the translation!

Another Ski Resort Up for Auction???

We’re not one to start rumors, but there is another ski area that is being promoted for sale in North Carolina. If you have a REAL interest and about EIGHT MILLION dollars…email me and we’ll get you in touch with the right people!

Email me at: [email protected]

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