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Annette Molleen, Eric Pennypacker & Cale (in front) pose with Carrigan & Darlene Doble at Snowshoe Mountain on Sunday.


Snowshoe’s “Last Day of Ski & Snowboarding Operations” for 2015 Was Pretty Awesome. Really

(We had some plans to potentially meet up with a few additional skiers and snowboarders who had emailed us earlier in the week, but 60° temps and a lot of rain affected Sunday’s attendance on the mountain.)

Snowshoe made the proper decision to suspend operations after Sunday’s sessions, but I have to tell you that the conditions on Sunday were not bad at all when you consider that it was nearly a miracle that they even HAD snow.

In my opinion, Snowshoe COULD be open with a few slopes and trails this week, but with the number of people that Snowshoe can put on a mountain even in a very “low attendance” Holiday week/weekend it was as much a safety issue as one of snow quality.

Trails had plenty of snow from top to bottom, but the narrowing of those trails can easily cause traffic bottlenecks that can be tricky to navigate, especially for novice skiers.

As a quick “shout out” – my new buddy Cale Molleen of Chesapeake, Virginia skied top-to-bottom numerous laps with me and this was only his second day on the snow and first of this season. It is always great to see new fans of the sport do so well at it. Here’s to making more turns “down the road” with young Cale and his family.


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