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While the resorts in North Carolina and Virginia are all struggling to squeeze out ANY snowmaking from their machines…for the last couple of weeks…the West Virginia resorts are knocking dust…or spraying dust…or frozen…oh forget it — They ARE MAKING SNOW…and did so almost ALL day on Saturday. Snowshoe made snow all Friday night, and were still making snow at 2pm on Saturday. As of this early morning update, they made snow all night and will as long as temps allow this morning. That should keep them on top as the place to ski in the Southeast right now.

Wintergreen Resort in Virginia made snow last night as well. That’s definately good news!

Canaan Valley is open for DAY SKIING ONLY today.

Snowshoe Mountain made snow pretty much all Friday Night and Saturday and they have 50 trails operating which includes THE CUPP and SHAYS REVENGE. They also have BOTH of their terrain parks going and the best conditions in the Southeast. What more can you say?

Joe Stevens, the Director of Communications at Snowshoe had more to say, "…We’ve been making a lot of snow, and as good as our comparative conditions are, ALL of our "ski industry cousins" are all looking at the weather coming in Thursday/Friday of this week. It can’t come too soon."

We agree and Joe also has some advice for Martin Luther King Weekend visitors, "Two words for anyone planning to ski or ride this coming MLK weekend – GOGGLES and FACEMASKS! There is going to be snowmaking going on during the day, night, basically 24/7."

Timberline Resort – These guys are trying I guess, but they faxed us an update mid Saturday morning for Saturday which is the last update we have. That report shows 15 trails open and NO snowmaking. Their OWN website this morning ahs not been updated since Saturday morning and IT reflects 14 trails open, so take your guess. We HAVE included one of the photos this morning as a photo of the day.

WISP is Maryland They did not make snow, but conditions are hold pretty good. "Tommy", one of our reporters wrote us that WISP has some pretty good moguls on "The Face" slope…so if you’re into bumps…go hit them!

Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee – Will NOT be open on Monday and will aim towards the cold that is coming in on Thursday or Friday.

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