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First Trax

We have some great changes going into effect this week. We mentioned Austin Beeghly taking over, but he will also be featuring his forecasts with forecasts that you can depend on for the resorts. and will also be debuting, right here in mid season, a new feature that will provide you with instant-glance temps and forecasts for all of our ski areas. We are testing a few locations already, but we have teamed up with and we will be uploading LIVE data from weather stations at several of the resorts to get THEIR current temps displays showing ACTUAL temps from the resorts themselves, rather than from the nearest cities like they and most other weather services do. Will give you more details as we implement the feature, but just know that we are working on a system that will broadcast the temps and forecasts FROM the resorts…for weather that you can depend on.

More for the Snowboarders – We have long wished that we could get snowboarding enthusiasts more relevant information about terrain parks and events happening in the NC areas. Truth is even though many of the resorts TALK like they are going to do something special for their terrain parks…few follow through. Appalachian has been a leader in the NC area the last two seasons and Hawksnest has been there in the past…and has added some new features this season. However for the most part none of the resorts have gone to the next level regarding giving the snowboarders a special place in NC. Maybe partly because of that and partly because most snowboarders want to enjoy the sport and not talk about it…we have not had the input to share on and We attempted and invited Edge of the World and BoardParadise’s people to work with us to provide data that boarders would care about…and they always act excited about the idea…but none have taken any initiative to make it happen.

That is about to change. Mike Muscatell is a snowboarding enthusiast that many of you who frequent the North Carolina resorts will know. Mike and others will be taking over our website effective this week and they will be growing it under a partnership with us to bring you guys more of what you are looking for in terms of what’s happening, if anything, at the terrain parks. Maybe with a little additional publicity we can get you guys a little something more special to play on. If nothing else, maybe we can get all of the NC resorts up to par with what Appalachian is doing. If this interests you…give them your support. We will be working with them to drive traffic to the site and they will be featuring our designs and their expertise and input with videos, messageboards and more. Stay tuned.

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