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This will be one of those beautiful days of skiing and riding that you will talk about for weeks to come! Saturday’s highs will be in the 30s to 40° or so, with gorgeous skies. It may be a little breezy at times, but take your sunscreen and have a great time. You will find the slope conditions to be the BEST of the season today. We received a little nice (surprise) snow Friday afternoon and evening, which, I am certain excited those coming in for the weekend. That new snow, combined with continued snowmaking at all of the resorts will make for pristine slope conditions no matter where you call your favorite ski area.

So read the On-Snow Reports, check out the LIVE CAMS and the Photos of the Day, read Brad’s weather forecast…and then QUIT sitting on front of this computer and get your rear out on the slopes. It’s too pretty to be reading indoors today!

Here’s meteorologist, Brad Panovich’s Forecast:

What a great weekend to be skiing! The resorts couldn’t have asked for better conditions. We get some natural snow during the week, they are able to make snow and now sunny and mild weather with great road conditions just in time for the weekend. This is a ski marketing weekend.

Here’s the low down: Sunny and a tad more mild today but still cold due to the strong Northwest winds for the first half of the day. I’m a little pessimistic on the high temperature today, while I feel we will make it to the lower 40’s, it should be much colder on top. Expect it to feel more like the mid 30’s today. The good news should be plenty of sunshine so bring the shade or the tinted goggles.

Sunday looks to be warmer with high in the mid 40’s, but not as much sunshine with clouds increasing throughout the afternoon and evening. Get out and enjoy the weekend, because warmer weather and even some rain will fall Monday. The warm weather will last through Wednesday, before another cold front sweeps in and I’m thinking we could even see some snow flurries late Wednesday. Colder weather late week with another great weekend ahead next weekend. Especially after several nights snowmaking starting Wednesday night.

Good skiing! Wish I was out there, but have to work this weekend.


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