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Jason Tate skied at Wolf Laurel Friday – "I was at Wolf Laurel today and i must say the conditions were not the best I have seen there. Overall not a bad day, it was just that anywhere and i mean anywhere there was an area open to the wind, every bit of the powder was blown away and a solid bed of ice was what remained. The howling and timberwolf were very good, except for the area where the 2 trails merge around the exit for the double lift, that was a bit icy, but most of the area on these two slopes is sheilded from the wind and there was 2-3 inches of fresh powder. The rest of the slopes had several areas with good powder and then several areas with ice. Give the snowmakers there another day, and by Saturday and Sunday when the winds have subsided the conditions will be awesome."

Bill Stedem was at Appalachian on Friday – "Appalachian Ski resort was excellent Friday 2-15-05. While the winds whipped a crunchy frozen granular snow the condition of App was very manageable. The staff has the entire resort ready with the best conditions of the year for sure. As the day ski session was ending natural snow had begun, insuring this weekend conditions will improve more. App is an excellent place to take beginning skiers like I did Friday with three of my kids and a family friend."

Austin Beeghly was at Cataloochee on Friday – "What a beautiful day today on the slopes. The day started off very powdery and the crowds were light but as the day went on a little ice here and there formed but it was hardly noticeable. The temps were so comfortable, and very pleasant, and with tomorrow forecasted to be better, it will be an awesome day just like today. If you have the means to come to Cataloochee tomorrow, do it. You will not be let down. The slopes are fully open and the terrain park looks great, with a lot of jumps for the boarders."

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