The Omni Homestead Resort

7696 Sam Snead Highway, Hot Springs, VA 24445
(540) 839-1766

The Homestead Resort & Spa

ski resorts in virginiaThough it is now considered a world-class golf resort and an outstanding place to go Snowboarding at The Homestead or Cross Country Skiing at The Homestead, Homestead Ski Resort was once known solely for the many springs that are located on the property on which the resort now stands. Travelers once journey for miles through the treacherous wilderness to take advantage of the restorative hot springs that give Hot Springs Virginia its name. Today, the Homestead Resort and Spa has once again harnessed the power of these naturally restorative springs and uses them—in conjunction with a multitude of other treatments—to pamper the guests of this historic resort.


The Homestead Resort and Spa in Hot Springs VA is home to a variety of hydrotherapy treatments that make use of the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters that still flow to the surface in this area. The 104-degree water is an ideal temperature to sooth aching bodies a mineral bath is the perfect way to loosen up for a massage. Many of the hydrotherapy treatments combine naturally derived scents with the soothing properties of the spring waters to create richly therapeutic experiences that are at once relaxing and invigorating.

Massage Therapies

Massage therapies are yet another popular way to relax at Homestead Ski Resort. With hot stone massages, Swedish massages, head massages and so many more relaxing treatments, the massage therapists at the Spa at The Homestead can help you to alleviate stress and relax so that you can thoroughly enjoy every moment your stay at The Homestead Resort.

Skin, Hair, and Nail Treatments

Skin care therapies and hair and nail therapies are very popular amongst the female guests of Homestead Ski Resort.Why not enjoy a European facial, a detoxifying back facial, or an oxygenating facial while the rest of your family is on the slopes? It’s a great way to relax and get some alone time. Hair and nail treatments combine soothing aromatherapy with professional service that will leave your hair and nails looking better than ever and leave you relaxed and ready to hit the slopes at Homestead Ski Resort.

The Men’s Spa

The Men’s Spa caters to male guests, and offers a variety of masculine treatments that are invigorating and relaxing. The 1776 Men’s Manicure is a great way to improve the appearance of hands and elbows and the relaxing lower arm and hand massage will relieve all the tension that has built up after a round of golf. Waterworks consists of a simple, yet relaxing, soak in a mineral bath, and The Sportsman’s Pedicure is perfect for feet tired from a day of Snowboarding at the Homestead.

These are just a few of the pampering treatments provided by the professional staff of the Spa at The Homstead. With all of the activities The Homestead Virginia has to offer, the Spa at The Homestead provides a soothing sanctuary from the hustle and bustle. Take some time to unwind at one of the world’s most luxurious spas and learn why people have been traveling to Homestead Resort for centuries to be rejuvenated. At, we can help you plan your next trip to The Homestead Inn VA. Whether you’re in search of a Homestead Resort Rental in Hot Springs VA or even the Homestead Website, has all of the most up-to-date information about The Homestead Hot Springs VA, and we are dedicated to keeping you informed! If you’re planning a trip to the Beset Ski Resorts West Virginia, any of the Virginia Ski Areas, the North Carolina Ski Resorts, Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort, or Wisp Resort in Maryland, or even Cloudmont in Alabama, has got you covered!