The Omni Homestead Resort

7696 Sam Snead Highway, Hot Springs, VA 24445
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History of The Homestead Resort

history of homestead resortMany people visit The Homestead Ski Resort each year to enjoy fantastic activities like Harrisonburg VA Skiing, Tubing in Harrisonburg VA, and Snowboarding at The Homestead, but many of these people may not know that this Harrisonburg Ski Resort has a history that dates back thousands of years. Of all the Ski Resorts in Virginia, The Homestead Hot Springs VA is perhaps the most historic.

Archeologists have discovered evidence that pre-historic people began using the hot springs at Homestead Resort as far back as the year 7,000 B.C. However, the first documented discovery of our healing springs took place in the 1720s, when explorers and surveyors from Europe first set foot on what is now American soil. By the 1750s, settlers had recognized these natural healing springs as an asset and had constructed cabins near some of the most frequented springs for the convenience of the many travelers who journeyed to the area to take advantage of the springs’ healing properties. In 1755 and 1756, the springs were visited by a young George Washington, and the following decade saw the original development of the land that is now part of Homestead Ski Resort by Captain Thomas Bullet, a friend of George Washington. By 1766, Captain Bullet, along with his fellow Militia men and their families, had created a homestead in the very spot where our Harrisonburg Virginia Ski Resort now rests. Thus, The Homstead came about before the United States was even a country!

During its long, rich history, The Homestead has been visited by such founding fathers as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, both of whom stayed at Homestead Resort in the early 1800s. Many prominent figures throughout history have visited This Harrisonburg Ski Resort, and countless people have had a hand in shaping the resort into what we recognize today as The Homestead Virginia. The Homestead Ski Resort is one of the most popular in Virginia, and has been for centuries. Today, Homestead Ski Resort is a fantastic place for people go to go enjoy skiing, golf, the Spa at The Homestead, and outstanding activities and recreation that can be enjoyed all year long, and it continues to live up to its reputation as one of the most luxurious Ski Resorts in Virginia. can help you to find all the information you’ll need to plan you trip to Homestead Ski Resort. Whether you’re looking for a Homestead Resort Rental, the Homestead Website, or trying to figure out Where to Buy Homestead Property, has you covered. Browse our site to find some great Resort Discounts for The Homestead, great deals on Homestead Real Estate, and information on the Owners Club at The Homestead. Whatever you need to know, we can help you find it! has all of the latest information on all of the exciting things to do in Hot Springs Virginia, but we can also help you plan you trip to any of the ski resorts in the Southeast or the Mid-Atlantic region. From NC Ski Lodgings to WV Ski Vacations, from Gatlinburg Ski Mountain to Deep Creek Lake Wisp Resort in Maryland, has all the information you need to plan an unforgettable ski vacation to any of the ski resorts in the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic.