The Omni Homestead Resort

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The Homestead Resort Preserve

homestead resort preserveFor centuries, The Homestead has been associated with healing and relaxation. Native Americans have been soaking in the healing hot springs since the year 7000 B.C., and what is now The Homestead Ski Resort has been considered a tourist destination since the days of the earliest European settlers. Famous Americans like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison have all journeyed to Hot Springs VA to experience the scenic beauty of the area and soak in the legendary springs. Now, The Homestead Hot Springs VA offers ordinary citizens the chance to purchase a piece of this historical area. The Homestead Preserve is a prime location at which to purchase Homestead Real Estate. It offers access to resort amenities along with landscapes that will remain unspoiled for generations to come.

Of the 2,300 acres that currently belong to The Homestead Preserve, only 325 will ever be developed. This historic property, the beauty and natural resources of which have been enjoyed by human beings for millennia, can now be yours to own when you invest in Homestead Real Estate at The Homestead Preserve. Nestled deep within the Allegheny Mountains in Hot Springs VA, The Homestead Preserve is bordered by both the Nature Conservancy’s Warm Springs Mountain Preserve and the George Washington National Forest, ensuring that the pristine splendor of this Homestead Real Estate will remain untouched by development. The planned community has a strong desire to preserve not only the natural beauty but also the local traditions of Bath County, and therefore, only 450 homes will be built on the western slope of Warm Springs Mountain and part of Warm Springs Valley below that currently belong to The Homestead.

When you purchase Homestead Real Estate in The Homestead Preserve, you can rest assured not only that your money will be helping to preserve the land, but that you will have access to all of the amenities that Homestead Ski Resort has to offer. Your membership in the Homestead Golf and Tennis Club will ensure that you will be able to participate in award-winning golf and world-class tennis whenever you so choose, but you can also enjoy exciting activities like skeet and sporting clays, The Homestead Spa, falconry, delicious dining options, and winter sports like Snowboarding at The Homestead, Tubing in Harrisonburg VA, and Cross Country Skiing at the Homestead. In addition to all of these amazing amenities, the Warm Spring Farm Neighborhood—one of four that will comprise The Homestead Preserve—is home to boarding stables for those residents who own horses, and The Homestead Preserve is home to several miles of carriage or riding trails.

The possibilities are endless when you purchase property at The Homestead Resort VA. In keeping with the Celebration Associates’ vision, a portion of the profits from each home sale will go to the not-for-profit Virginia Hot Spring Preservation Trust, which funds educational programs, preserves historic structures, and promotes conservation, research, and management efforts. With a focus on building sustainable and energy efficient homes, The Homestead Preserve is a forward-thinking community that seeks to protect the land rather than merely profit from it. This Homestead Realty is ideal for environmentally conscious individuals who still want to enjoy the great resort amenities and luxurious living.

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